Toxicology to most clinicians and hospitals usually means a urine drug test with a limited set of compounds tested. NextGen's Toxicological services gives the health care professionals an expanded menu of drug / drug metabolites that can be detected and quantitated in not only Urine, but also Oral Fluids and Blood samples.
Complete and accurate drug test reporting is a key factor in making sure that the clinicians have the correct information from a drug test which can be critical in the overall treatment of that patient's medical issues.
Usage of NextGen's Toxicological services can help the clinicians and hospitals by:
  • Providing accurate and precise identitication and quantitations of a minimum of 100 drugs/drug metabolites in Urine. Our website will update all clients to new and expanded drug testing lists as we develop those tests.
  • Provide accurate and precise Blood Therapeutic drug testing. If blood samples accompany urine samples for drug testing, we are offering autoreflexing of Blood TDM testing when the urine drug screened is confirmed positive.
  • Provide Heavy Metal and Trace element analysis.
  • Oral Fluid drug testing (limited menu)
  • Real time access to the Toxicologist for questions about any of the Toxicological testing and results.
  • Combined reporting of Drug Tests, TDM results, and PGX results.
  • Coming in the future will be STAT and ASAP requested testing services.

Improve patient health with our advanced toxicology testing