Toxicology to most clinicians and hospitals usually means a urine drug test with a limited set of compounds tested. NextGen's Toxicological services gives the health care professionals an expanded menu of drug / drug metabolites that can be detected and quantitated.
Complete and accurate drug test reporting is a key factor in making sure that the clinicians have the correct information from a drug test which can be critical in the overall treatment of that patient's medical issues.
Usage of NextGen's Toxicological services can help the clinicians and hospitals by:
  • Providing accurate and precise identification and quantitations of a minimum of 100 drugs/drug metabolites in Urine. Our website will update all clients to new and expanded drug testing lists as we develop those tests.
  • Real time access to the Toxicologist for questions about any of the Toxicological testing and results.
  • Combined reporting of Drug Tests, and TDM results.
  • Coming in the future will be STAT and ASAP requested testing services.

Improve patient health with our advanced toxicology testing