Toxicology Monitoring

Advanced Toxicology Testing

Improve Patient Health and Safety

To most clinicians and hospitals, toxicology consists of a urine drug test with a limited set of compounds tested. However, complete and accurate drug test reporting is a key factor in making sure you have the whole patient picture. These precise results are critical in the overall treatment of a patient’s medical issues and psychological issues. NextGen’s Advanced Toxicological services give healthcare professionals an expanded menu of drug metabolites that can be accurately detected and measured.


Additionally. NextGen specializes in providing up-to-date and continued monitoring thereby providing critical information that can be used by clinicians to evaluate how behavioral health management is progressing for each patient. Our laboratories are committed to providing the most accurate and timely drug and alcohol testing results. We also strive to stay on top of drug use trends and the use of new substances that may be out in the market or on the streets, such as Kratom, Pink, Crocodile, and more. Combined with our Medication Management (PGX) testing, NextGen labs can provide a program for treatment facilities that streamlines testing all through one laboratory.

The NextGen Advantage

NextGen Laboratories specializes in state-of-the-art and accurate urine testing with rapid turnaround times. We have access to the most specialized and advanced equipment available so you can be sure your testing has the most accurate results possible.

Usage of NextGen’s Toxicological services can help clinicians and hospitals by: 


    • Providing accurate and precise identification and measurements of a minimum of 100 drugs/drug metabolites in urine 
    • Allowing real-time access to our team of Toxicologists for questions about tests and results
    • Delivering combined reporting of drug tests and TDM results
    • Offering an ever-expanding menu of drug testing lists  

Behavioral Health

In the fields of addiction treatment and behavioral health management, many variables can impact effectiveness of treatment and patient compliance. Clinicians need access to information that will help them better monitor treatment so they can improve patient response. Monitoring compliance as well as therapeutic drug levels is critical in the success of your patients.


Our experienced lab provides you with:

    • Access to advanced technology
    • Rapid turnaround times
    • 24/7 online access to results
    • Advanced Drug Screening for Illicit Drugs and/or Abused Substances

Treatment Facilities

No matter what type of treatment facility you operate you may find yourself needing the advanced toxicology services provided at NextGen. Substances need to be quickly identified and interventions need to be quickly implemented in order to maintain patient health and attain treatment goals. A delay in any step of this process can severely impact a treatment plan and draw focus away from the initial condition and result in a shuffling of the prioritization of care. Clinicians need access to information that will help them swiftly deal with new conditions and NextGen is able to deliver just what is needed to achieve better outcomes.


Our experienced lab provides you with:

    • Access to advanced technology
    • Rapid turnaround times
    • 24/7 online access to results
    • Monitoring for therapeutic drug levels (if needed)

Primary Care

NextGen knows that providers of Primary Care have a critical influence on the quality of living that their patients experience on a day to day basis.  Clinical findings coupled with accurate and precise data is crucial in the success and maintenance of a patient’s health. We offer the resources you need to help achieve the best possible outcome for those in your care.


Our experienced lab provides you with:

    • Precise and accurate results with a record turnaround time
    • A dedicated customer care team to help determine your needs
    • Accurate data needed to mitigate side effects in condition management
    • Advanced tests to help monitor or diagnose comorbidities (if needed)