Treatment facilities are always challenged to provide up to date and continued monitoring of the effectiveness of their addiction treatments and how the behavioral health management is progressing for each individual patient. Our laboratory is not only able to provide accurate and timely drug and alcohol testing results, but we also endeavor to stay on top of drug use trends and the use of new compounds that may be out in the market and on the "streets", ie Kratom, Pink, Crocodile, etc. Combined with our Medical Management(PGX) testing NextGen labs can provide a program for the treatment facilities through one laboratory.
Usage of NextGen's Toxicological services can help the clinicians and hospitals by:
  • Providing accurate and precise identification and quantitations of a minimum of 100 drugs/drug metabolites in Urine. Our website will update all clients to new and expanded drug testing lists as we develop those tests.
  • Real time access to the Toxicologist for questions about any of the Toxicological testing and results.
  • Combined reporting of Drug Tests, and TDM results.
  • Coming in the future will be STAT and ASAP requested testing services.

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