Medication Management

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Medication Management is a program designed to promote the safe and effective use of medications. It is intended to help clinicians accomplish the targeted outcomes from a prescription regimen. Medication use is often a front-line tactic for managing patients, and doctors should have more tools at their disposal to assist them in identifying appropriate drugs for their patients. 

In the fields of addiction treatment and behavioral health management, many variables can impact treatment effectiveness and patient compliance. Clinicians need access to information that will help them better monitor treatment so they can improve patient response. 

Complex clinical situations are very common in long-term care facilities, and advanced diagnostic tools are needed to help better manage those cases, as well as addressing and mitigating the risks involved. The integration of services becomes key to taking care of these patients, which is only made possible when comprehensive diagnostic information is available. 

Doctors & Hospitals

NextGen Laboratories – One-Stop Quality Service and Expertise

NextGen Laboratories provides a broad spectrum of testing so you can spend your valuable time treating patients, not chasing down multiple laboratories. Services include:

  • Toxicology
  • Infectious Disease

Treatment Facilities

NextGen Laboratories – Quality Results Faster and at Lower Prices

NextGen Laboratories specializes in highly accurate Urine Drug Testing for your patients. At NextGen Laboratories, your patients benefit from our more than 25 years of cumulative experience in addiction medicine:

  • Access to better technology
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Unparalleled quality in Urine Drug Testing