Our Lab & Facilities

We are growing, join the team.

Faster Turnaround Times

We have combined our extensive experience in the industry to streamline our processing methods for even the most complicated procedures. Our expertise in workflow optimization translates to faster turnaround times for all the tests you require.

Quality Assurance

We utilize a multi-tiered quality assurance and management program designed to meet requirements from laboratory accreditation organizations as well as the US FDA. We go the extra mile to ensure the performance of our lab so you can rest easy knowing that your results will be top-notch.

Better Technology

We are constantly researching and investing in better equipment so that we can bring you cutting edge diagnostics faster. Superior testing starts with top-of-the-line technology; our dedication to remaining at the forefront of laboratory science will enable us to provide you with the newest diagnostic methods.

Excellent Customer Service

We value every customer, from our smallest clinic to the largest recovery center. Clinical management is a personal interaction, and we want your diagnostics to have the same experience. Our dedicated customer service staff ensures that every customer interaction starts and ends with a smile.